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next chapter is up!


doing shout outs to people who read it and message me letting me know :)

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Did I really want you gone?

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Video of the cast signing autographs taken by @thehoborg.

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I pull myself, dripping, onto the land strip and sprint down the sandy stretch for the Cornucopia.

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Maysilee Donner steps out of the woods. “We’d live longer with two of us.” “Guess you just proved that,” says Haymitch, rubbing his neck. “Allies?” Maysilee nods. And there they are, instantly drawn into one of those pacts you’d be hard-pressed to break if you ever expect to go home and face your district. x

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New Effie still

New Effie still

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"You two deserved so much better. I’m truly sorry."

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Still in shock because catching fire was literal perfection

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